Redefine a new retail solution in 2020

Last year, Popsquare cooperated with a chic fashion brand Cabaia from France and launched a pop- up store at the most crowned shopping mall Velizy 2 in Paris together. What are the reasons for driving them to form this unprecedented partnership?

No matter Paris or Hong Kong nowadays, retailers face headaches with high rents and high costs of manpower problems. As a brand new chic fashion dealer, the Founder of Cabaia Bastien always likes to use the most cost-effective & innovative solution for his business. To take the balance on exposure to the market and cost-effectiveness, he chooses to run pop-up stores instead of running fixed store which is definitely of higher risk to him. In the promotion area, he relies on social viral but not putting effort into traditional online advertising due to the low ROI, as claimed by him.

And now, Cabaia becomes a very successful lifestyle brand and runs 15 pop-up stores in different locations in Paris. Bastien would like to further engage better with its customer through O2O and see how to leverage all-round data for providing a better retail experience. And here, Popsquare brings out the solution for Cabaia.

Popsquare brings retailers a CARE-FREE all-round solution
We save manpower!

In Paris, there is a difficulty in hiring long term with a good quality salesman, through the interactive screen and sensors, Popsquare enabled to show the related product details on the screen to the customer on-site immediately without any salesman. Besides the product information, Cabaia shows more brand stories like the design concept, upcoming news, etc.

Through the Popsquare kiosk, that’s not only for product selling but also a good opportunity for letting customers well understand about the brand and product design. For long term, it saves much cost on salesman training, keeps the service quality in standard effectively, and also good branding development.

Sharing fun with customers!
“Serious is boring!”, is the corporate concept of Cabaia. Popsquare provides an easy setup platform to have marketing fun with customers. There is a funny mini-game on screen, the customer can play and subscribe as a new member through Popsquare kiosk, an e-coupon given as a prize. With the e-coupon, it drives more traffic to go back to the pop-up counter nearby or re-visit to online shop for further purchase. No more hard-selling, no more boring marketing campaign, but effectively maitain good customer engagement with a happy and fun atmosphere.

Popsquare brings customer a STRESS-FREE shopping experience
Experience first and buy after!

For this time, Cabaia tried to set up the Popsquare next to its original pop-up counter, Popsquare acted as an ambassador with fun and technologies to attract and welcome customers. The customers are welcomed to touch, try and feel the hats in the kiosk without any salesperson aside. Popsquare provides a stress-free shopping experience for every customer. No more stress created from salesperson, no more embarrasement expected and the customers can freely try as many hats as they like, make the decision and then go to the pop-up counter to buy it immediately.

More than a customer relationship!
One more interesting finding is, when the customer goes back to the Cabaia fixed pop-up store with the e-coupon given via Popsquare, the customer becomes more friendly to the salesman and happy to chit-chat with them like a friend. They love to share comments about the hats, their shopping experience in the kiosk etc. The barrier between customers and the salesman just easily tear down. The kiosk becomes a very good talking point to build a rappot.

In this challenging future, no matter traditional dealer looks for a big change, or new design innovator seeks for market opportunity, retail must respond faster and smarter to the market by leveraging technology and data with easy setup, cost-effective solution. Popsquare can fit the needs in one go.