How Skincare Brand Stand Out of the Pack in the Busy Marketplace with Low Rent

Happy Mask is an emerging Korean brand sold only in Mannings, which is one of Hong Kong’s largest health and beauty products chain store. Happy Mask collaborated with PopSquare at Christmas to promote their brand in Olympian City, one of the renowned major large-scale shopping malls in West Kowloon Golden Circle Hub of Hong Kong.

There are a lot of skincare brand choices, and it is hard for new brands like Happy Mask to standout from all these brands. Mannings also have limited space and time for every customer to experience their product and build customer engagement.

PopSquare is an experiential solution for potential customers to touch, to feel and experience the product. Potential customers first get to touch and feel the texture of the mask. Then they were asked to fill out a survey with less than 10 questions on the screen for their feedback and experience on the product. Beyond completion of the survey, they were given a coupon for the product and can purchase in Mannings store, just few steps away from PopSquare location. Moreover, their product was featured at the most expensive area of Olympian City,

which is at the entrance of MTR station and few steps away from Mannings. By increasing their exposure and driving traffic from prominent location to in-store purchase, Happy Mask not only standout from other skincare brands in busy marketplace, but also achieve customer contact acquisition.
With product experience and contact acquisition, around 1,500 survey are completed. The client is happy to be featured at Olympian City with average 330,000 traffic daily and only 10% the shoppmall rental. Also, they are happy to know customers feedback and build customer engagement through PopSquare.