PopGreen CSR - ESG Solution

Fuel Better Consumer
Experience & Drive Repeat
Visitation with More Insights

Re-useable and Eco-friendly AI O2O Pop-Pp Kiosks for Landlord

Reduce ESG Risk and Green Education for Consumer

PopGreen solution serves the need of landlords: reduce ESG risk. The increased focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) results in a positive outcome, both for investors and society as a whole. PopGreen showcases and educates customer with Green, Clean, Ethical concept by green communication, green products and Eco-production, green branding, health benefits, etc.

Forge Emotional Connection with Mall Customers

Covid-19 provides shopping malls with a unique opportunity to use loyalty schemes to protect the health of their shoppers. At first glance, social distancing and physical engagement with customers may seem conflicting; but modern, remote, data-driven loyalty solutions like PopGreen can give you the ability to influence the usage of required safety measures and distancing principles, whilst customers also stay connected with skyrocketing brands through scheduled personalized events and campaigns.

Made your Properties More Attractive

Drive in-mall traffic with new theme and engagement. PopGreen solution help to fully utilize shopping mall space into a successful pop-up retail or event venue, increasing your profitability, visibility and flexibility. Become an incubation for brands, and to optimize the profitability and positioning of your space

Discover the Emerging Brands with AI to Fulfil New Tenant

Bring more emerging brand in shopping mall and become long term tenant. Our Algo-based trend prediction system – PopRank help to discover emerging Green, Clean, Ethical (GCE) Brands from local and the World. A flexible popup incubator provide customer a fresh and seamless O2O experience, and evaluates each brand potential with video analytic at the same time

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