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Leverage Big Data to analyse and search for unique and trendy brands all over the world No.1 wholesale platform for small and medium retailers

Identifying Trendy Brands

We leverage big data to analyse more than 20000+ brands internationally and identify Those that has tremendous growth potentials and positive reviews. Data about the brands will be given to the retailers as reference while deciding which brands to source from. Such feature does not only help automating the sourcing process for the retailers and increases the sourcing efficiency, it also helps to reduce the risk of sourcing low quality brands.

Emphasis on Natural Organic Brands

“The Global organic beauty market is expanding at an extremely attractive CAGR 2015-2025 of 9.5%, which is almost twice the rate of the beauty market as a whole.”

The demand for Natural Organic Product keeps rising, it’s not only a trend, it’s a lifestyle! Source hundreds of quality Natural Organic products from all over the world on a single platform – PopRank.ai!

Majority of the Brands offer 0 MOQ

We understand that a lot of the small retailers may not be very well funded, therefore, they could look for the brands that has 0 Minimum Ordering Quantity (MOQ), and purchase whatever quantities that fits your needs!