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Meet The Most Agile Solution for Unifying Offline Experience and Online Sales

Agile Retail - Reworking Consumer Connection

We do pop-up product display and more:
Our Technology allow brands to evaluate new ideas, test new products, store formats and locations with cost-effective way. It help retailers figure out which products resonate with the consumer without the need for the major upfront investment of a permanent site. A seamless remote pre- and post- sales support, online purchase, KOL live, workshops, games all can be rapidly deployed here.

Forge Emotional Connection with Mall Customers

PopSquare help to spot emerging patterns in consumer behaviour and monitor consumer engagement. Video analytics and Popsense technology can measure the traffic around a pop-up, and analyse how and when people interact with brand. All of this insight is collected in the cloud automatically, giving retailers a better understanding of consumer behaviour.
*Our technology preserves your visitors’ privacy. Our data is GDPR compliant. Collected information is secured and encrypted for communications and storage.

Retargeting and Cross-selling Proactively

Enable lead gen with multi-touch points:

  • Provide space for more immersive brand moments – personalization on age & gender with relevant product content – Chatbot interaction

  • Give staff the ability to assist customers with purchases made online or at other locations.

  • Remind customers of their onsite favourites with email, SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat or more.

  • Build effective loyalty program to acquire new members and promote customer loyalty through – new member incentive program, collect new member contact details / new member referral program.

Advanced Reporting Tool

Our REST API has been designed to connect with popular CRM systems and BI tools such as Microsoft PowerBI or Tableau Software out-of-the-box. We provide insightful and actionable customer data analysis

Cost Saving Solution

0 wastage design, Innovative ways to present product launch. RFID interaction and trigger real-time interactive 4K video call with 5G technology

Perfect Popup Tech

Examine changes in foot traffic, flow patterns, main directions or dwell time over time

Retargeting & Cross-selling

Achieve well-developed marketing and promotional campaigns backed by data intelligence

Shopper Insights

Learn behavioural changes in shoppers, both at a macro- and micro- level, the evolution of shopping missions and ROI benchmarks

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Hardware :

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