New Method In 2020 To Survive Under The COVID-19 Pandemic As A Small Brand

The COVID-19 pandemic has tangled us for half a year already and has created severe damages on a lot of businesses. Not only small brands have been affected, but also numerous mega corporates, such as big names like J.Crew, GNC, Brooks Brothers, Jack Wills, Forever 21, and Victoria's Secret. We chatted with several brand makers, many of them are desperate and don’t know how many months they can still sustain. Some of them even expressed that they will terminate their business next month to stop the loss. However, a new business matching system may be a saviour of them.

Connect With Retailers

Hey makers, are you looking for opportunities to expand your market and do more business? You can connect with retailers and buyers from all over the world with a newly developed AI business matching system - PopRank. PopRank has lined up with multiple retailers, some of them are globally famous, and some of them are based in Asia. If you register in PopRank, those established retailers will be able to find you from the system directly. What’s more, if your brand’s ranking in PopRank is placed at the Top 10 in your category or the system recorded a big leap forward in your brand’s ranking, you will have a higher chance to be recommended and selected by retailers. You can also explore suitable retailers which match your style and approach them for stocking your products.

Keep Up With The Global Trend

The trends of the world change rapidly so as the popularity of a particular store. To retain your customers, you have to understand their demands in order to create products that match their tastes. If you are producing organic skincare, you will have to know the latest beauty trends and master what your target audience is looking for. For home decor makers, what you will have to know maybe the trending colours, materials, and patterns. However, by scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, it is hard to compare with different stores and integrate those data to comprehend the trend. As a maker myself, I am busying about developing new products on the one hand. On the other hand, I also have to keep my eyes on social media to see if another competitor is outperforming, which product it is, and WHY? Yet, you are not a human-computer. Different online shops are launching every day, and it is impossible to monitor each of them. Under this line of thinking, makers can now utilize PopRank to get the worldwide trend clearly with a list from its big data systems and get inspiration from the trends classified by different categories.

Adjusting Your Strategies

The matching system, PopRank, has another function which makers can know their brands’ ranking in the industry and compare their social media performance with their competitors. Not only knowing your performance, but you can also grab the statistics of your competitors, and understand their strengths and weaknesses. See what posts of them are popular with high audience engagement, learn from them, and do better to defeat them secretly.

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