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日本品牌 RIVERS 基於日本傳統陶瓷「可使用100年」的概念,開發了CAVE陶瓷濾杯,延續日本製工藝對實用與美學的堅持,希望做出完美的咖啡陶瓷濾杯,一代接一代的傳承下去。

- 通過非常高溫的長時間燒製,不用擔心褪色,因為它的顏色釉料早已揉到土壤中
- 特製的無光澤外側,像砂紙一般的質感,以防您脫手打破,並防止老化
- 如果你快速注入熱水,你會有一個清爽的味道,讓您慢慢享受濃郁的咖啡
- 根據傾倒體積和速度,所有咖啡粉都有平衡的萃取。CAVE的斜率約65度,強調粉末層厚度的設計,與淺角度的濾杯相比,熱水接觸粉末的時間更長,因此它更能取出咖啡豆的原始味道
- CAVE陶瓷濾杯,配合POND泰國製原木濾杯架一起使用,設計緊湊,佔用極少空間,天然木材的獨特紋理,讓您將生活融入大自然中。

- 原料:瓷器(CAVE)、天然木材(POND)
- 尺寸:關於W116mm×D119mm×H98mm(CAVE)、W118 mm×D66 mm×H13.5 mm(POND) 
- 生產地:日本(CAVE)、泰國(POND)

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Japanese brand RIVERS based on the traditional concept of Japanese ceramic "reusable for 100 years". it develops CAVE ceramic filter cup to continue the Japanese system of practical and aesthetic insistence, hoping to make the perfect coffee ceramic cup and pass to generation after generation.

- By burning at a very high temperature for a long time, there is no need to worry about fading, because its color glaze has long been rubbed into the soil
- A special matte outer side, like the texture of sandpaper, in general, to prevent dropping on floor or aging
- If you inject hot water quickly, you will have a refreshing taste, let you slowly enjoy the rich coffee
- The pouring volume and speed are calculated to make all coffee powder has a balanced extraction. The slope of CAVE is about 65 degrees, which emphasizes the design of the powder layer thickness. Compared with the shallow angle filter bowl, hot water contacts the powder for a longer time in CAVE, so it can extract the original taste of coffee beans
-CAVE ceramic filter bowl, In conjunction with the POND Thai-made filter cup holders, the compact design takes up very little space and the unique texture of natural wood allows you to integrate life into nature. 


Material: Porcelain, POND
Dimensions: About W116mm × D119mm × H98mm (CAVE), W118mm × D66mm × H13.5mm (POND)
Production: Japan (CAVE), Thailand (POND)

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